About Us
Anyone who has seen the International Alpha Band perform with Freddie Hughes or Kathi McDonald just once, wanted to know when and where they will perform the next time. The audience is the best judge for this Band, composed of the best musicians of the Bay Area, who are indeed world class artists. In fact, all the members of The International Alpha Band have an extensive national and international many years long performance experiences. The connaisseurs in music and the soul listeners recognize this Band's world class quality, that continuously thrills and excites the audience wherever they play. The Musical Director and Keyboards player of the Band, Chris Burns, is also the Producer of Band's CD "The Future Is Now" (available for sale) and has produced a previous CD of Freddie Hughes in 1997, "The Soul Of Freddie Hughes". With Freddie Hughes, as Vocalist and Chris Burns as Musical Director, The International Alpha Band has experienced total happiness in performing together, as Freddie Hughes and Chris Burns have been friends through their career and have written together, through years being soulmates, many recorded songs in different CD's. The happiness that The International Alpha Band experiences in performing together has transcended to its audience whose comment was: "This Band members have some nice glue together when they play and that is what many other Bands usually don't have". The European lovers of American music were so avid to see any performance of The International Alpha Band since their regular public performance in The Bay Area, since February 2000. Rich Kirch, the fantastically dynamic guitarist of John Lee Hooker for fourteen years and the Band leader of John Lee Hooker's "Coast To Coast" Band has joined The International Alpha Band since its beginning in November 1999. Rich Kirch has also played at the same time in John Lee Hooker's "Coast To Coast" Band until the American Blues Legend passed away on June 21st, 2001. For a detailed biography of Rich Kirch, visit http://www.richkirch.com. Ron Perry, the outstanding bass player, had played along with Rich Kirch for John Lee Hooker for the last four years of his life. Musicians of The International Alpha Band write their songs together, this may be the "nice glue" that unites them and brings them up.